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ABA Therapy

ABA Therapy - Little Spurs Autism Centers

What? ABA therapy, referred to by some as autism therapy, is based on the science of behavior analysis. It helps individuals increase communication, social skills, adaptive skills, executive functioning skills, and decrease problem behaviors by teaching alternative skills through autism therapy. If you’re looking for ABA therapy near me, are autism therapy providers are available.

Who? Although at Little Spurs Autism Centers we focus on using ABA therapy for individuals with Autism, ABA therapy is used across many fields! In the schools you will see it as PBIS. In the business world, it is known as Organizational Behavior Management (OBM). ABA therapy plays a crucial role in autism therapy, aiding individuals in developing essential skills and behaviors. If you’re searching for ABA therapy near me, we’re here to provide our autism therapy services.

How? One of the main interventions used in ABA therapy is positive reinforcement. This includes reinforcing appropriate skills by using social praise, tokens, treats, etc. At Little Spurs Autism Centers, our autism therapy techniques offer a strong focus on Natural Environment Training (NET), a key component of autism therapy. This allows our BTs to teach using the environment around them and allows for many learning opportunities for our autism therapy clients. Each client’s treatment plan is individualized to them and their BT is trained by their BCBA on how to run their individualized autism therapy treatment plan effectively. Assessments are used to monitor progress throughout the autism therapy process. We also highly rely on data! This data taken during each autism therapy session is then graphed to show a visual representation of progress to goals.

Where? ABA Therapy can be held in a center, the home setting, or in the community, making it accessible and convenient for individuals seeking ABA therapy near me..

Why? To give individuals with Autism the skills necessary to be successful in their environments and to give their caregivers the tools to assist and advocate for them along the way, while providing essential autism therapy.

For those searching for “ABA therapy near me,” these services are designed to offer personalized support and effective interventions.

Person-centered ABA Therapy
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