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School Consultations

School Consultations - Little Spurs Autism Centers

Little Spurs Autism Centers offers school consultations and staff autism therapy training. Do you want your staff to have a better understanding of behavior? To feel more confident in working through different behaviors?  To have evidence-based interventions to use in their classrooms? This is the training for you! Our autism therapy training is conducted by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Our autism therapy BCBA will come to you and share their expertise with your staff in a way that makes complex ideas easy to understand. Our hope is that your staff will walk away eager to learn more about behavior analysis and how it can benefit autism therapy. For those in need of San Antonio ABA therapy, see below for more information on the services we offer.

Training: The autism therapy training we offer is “Intro to the Functions of Behaviors and Interventions.” It focuses on behavior as communication, how to measure data, how to interpret data, common autism therapy interventions to be used in the classroom, behavior skills training, and more! The training aims to get staff involved and participate. Staff are encouraged to bring real-life scenarios that we will discuss and work through together. Staff will walk away with a better understanding of WHY behavior occurs and what autism therapy techniques they can use in their classrooms. This autism therapy training benefits teachers, behavior interventionists, support staff, leadership, and those involved in San Antonio ABA therapy. Check back for more trainings soon!

School Consultation: If more individualized support is needed, a BCBA can support your staff by conducting an Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), creating a Behavior Intervention Plan, and then train staff on how to implement it, ensuring effective autism therapy. For those seeking San Antonio ABA therapy, this comprehensive approach ensures tailored support to meet each child’s unique needs.

Not sure if we can help? Reach out to our autism center for a free consultation to discuss your families needs and see if we are a good fit.  

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