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In-Home ABA Therapy

In-Home ABA Therapy - Little Spurs Autism Centers

In-home ABA therapy is ABA therapy that takes place in your home.  Just like in-center ABA, our personalized plans allow a therapist to work one on one with your child to assist in increasing communication, adapting social skills, developing adaptive skills, increasing areas in executive functioning, and decreasing problem behaviors by teaching alternative skills. We offer in-home ABA therapy for all children ages 0-21 years old. 

Pros to In-Home ABA Therapy

  • No travel required. Our team comes to you! 
  • It is a well-known environment for your child, ensuring they feel comfortable and work on tasks that the child encounters every day in their environment to build independent life skills.  
  • Expanding natural environment teaching – using toys and preferred items in the home to build motivation and learn new skills.  
  • Opportunity for parents to observe and learn from our therapy practices in real-time! 
  • One hour of parent training per month still required 

What To Prepare for In-Home ABA Therapy

  • Help us get to know your child. Set aside certain toys and activities your child enjoys for us to use during their session. We will bring additional supplies as well. 
  • Have an adult at home. During in-home ABA therapy, a responsible adult must be at home for the entirety of the session. 
  • Have a therapy space. Choose an area of your home where a member of our therapy team and your child can focus on the new skills they are learning, the behavior plan, and building a fun learning environment!  

Areas We Serve

  • San Antonio 
  • Boerne 
  • Bulverde 
  • New Braunfels 
  • Seguin 
  • Castroville 
  • Schertz/Selma/Converse 
  • New Braunfels 

We can provide in-home ABA pretty much anywhere in San Antonio and the surrounding areas so long as we can find a team member willing to travel. 

Person-centered ABA Therapy
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