Caregiver Education Sessions - Little Spurs Autism Centers

Caregiver Education Sessions

Caregiver Education Sessions - Little Spurs Autism Centers

Caregiver education sessions, including autism therapy, will be conducted at a minimum of once per month for one hour. There are four modes of parent education sessions detailed below:

  • Group parent education sessions: These sessions will be held at our center each quarter and will be conducted by one of our BCBAs.
  • Parent Meeting: A parent meeting consists of the BCBA meeting (with no client present) with the caregiver(s) to discuss progress, new behaviors that have surfaced, collaborate on treatment plans, etc.
  • Parent Coaching: A parent coaching session consists of working towards parent goals using Behavioral Skills Training (BST). BST involves the BCBA teaching skills, modeling the skill, having caregiver model the skill, and the BCBA providing feedback and positive reinforcement. These sessions can be held with or without the client present.
  • Parent Education: A parent education session consists of BCBA meeting with caregiver(s) (with no client present) to review ABA terms, procedures, and interventions. These interventions can then be taught during a coaching session. These sessions also provide valuable information for parents seeking ABA therapy near me.
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