Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month - Little Spurs Autism Centers

Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

  • March 2, 2023
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Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month - Little Spurs Autism Centers

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that one in six children have one or more developmental delays. This would mean that even if this is not currently impacting you or your child’s life, it is likely impacting someone that you know. Educate your child early about developmental disabilities. This can help them understand and encourage them to reach out to new friends! 

What is a Developmental Disability?  

Developmental disabilities are considered both severe and long-term issues. These can include both physical and mental components. Some examples could include:  

  • Autism – a neurodevelopmental condition mainly recognized from difficulties with social interactions, communication, and by restrictive or repetitive patterns of behaviors.  
  • Cerebral Palsy – a condition marked by impaired muscle coordination, typically caused by brain injury before or at birth.  
  • Down Syndrome – a wide range of developmental delays and physical disabilities caused by a genetic disorder.  
  • Blindness – the state of being unable to see due to injury, disease or congenital  conditions.  
  • Hearing loss – partial or total loss of hearing caused by injury, disease, or congenital   conditions.  

Typically, these are conditions that present early in life, they range in severity, and are long term for a child. There are also developmental delays, these include times when a child does not meet their developmental milestones at the expected time. This can include things such as walking or crawling much later than developmentally appropriate.  

Always keep an eye on how your child is developing and let their primary care provider know if you are having concerns! We offer a variety of assessments for developmental delays and disabilities here at Little Spurs Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics. If you are interested in learning more or would like to check us out and make an appointment to have your child evaluated, please click here to explore more about diagnostics.  

Little Spurs Autism Centers offers collaborative and compassionate ABA Therapy to children 0-21 years old. Offering both center-based and home-based care, LSAC is excited to empower families by providing them with the support they need. For more information, please email us at    

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