It’s a Sensory Friendly Winter: Navigating Seasonal Clothing - Little Spurs Autism Centers

It’s a Sensory Friendly Winter: Navigating Seasonal Clothing

  • December 8, 2023
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It’s a Sensory Friendly Winter: Navigating Seasonal Clothing - Little Spurs Autism Centers

The Holiday season brings festive fun which may look like ice skating, hot cocoa, and cozy sweaters. Sensory sensitivities are among the most common traits for children on the Autism Spectrum, which means dressing for the winter season can be a challenging task. With the help from Little Spurs Autism Center and ABA Therapy in San Antonio, you can learn some quick tips to help choose the best seasonal clothing. Here are some areas to consider when navigating winter clothing with a child with sensory sensitivities:  

Pick Fabrics Carefully 

When choosing clothing for your child, consider their unique sensory preferences. Choose fabrics that do not irritate your child’s skin, soft and tag-free clothes are a great place to start. If you are unsure, finding a registered behavior technician near me can help you and your child with this task. 

Adjusting to the Climate 

In a Texas winter, you really never know what kind of weather you are going to get! It is a good idea to layer your child on winter days, this gives them an option to take off or add on a layer depending on the changing climate. If you are traveling, make sure to research the weather trends in the areas you are planning to visit.  

Be Flexible 

It is important your child has clothing options that allow flexibility with their wardrobe. It is more than picking the right fashion for your child, you will want to ensure they have the right fit for their needs. Consider sensory friendly winter accessories, such as gloves that are tag-free or seamless, or hats that have adjustable straps for additional comfort.  At the Little Spurs Autism Center, we can help you and your child in achieving a sensory-friendly winter by navigating seasonal clothing. 

This winter, it is important to address the unique needs of dressing children with Autism and other sensory sensitivities. We help give your child coping skills for autism that can help them through finding a comfortable winter outfit, that will keep them warm, regulated, and comfortable in the colder months of the year. We hope you and your children enjoy the beauty and magic of this time of year! For more ideas on things to do this winter, follow us on @littlespursautism on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest! 

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