Summer Travel Tips for Kids with Autism - Little Spurs Autism Centers

Summer Travel Tips for Kids with Autism

  • May 1, 2024
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Summer Travel Tips for Kids with Autism - Little Spurs Autism Centers

Summer is almost here! This is a time when many families embark on travel adventures. For families with children with Autism, summer travel can pose unique challenges. Sensory processing issues, changes in routines, and unfamiliar environments can make the journey challenging. Little Spurs Autism Centers are here to help by providing families with aba therapy and strategies to navigate travel more smoothly, here are our top tips for travel: 

Planning Ahead
Planning is crucial when traveling with a child with Autism. Understanding your child’s individual needs, preferences, and challenges is key to tailoring your travel plans and anticipating potential hurdles. Spend time observing your child in various environments to understand their reactions to different stimuli and activities. This will help you plan accordingly. 

Packing the Essentials
Comfort items, such as a favorite toy, bring a sense of familiarity and security. This is an important tool that can help your child with emotional regulation or transitions throughout travel. Whether traveling by plane or car, packing their favorite items can help keep the child regulated and seated during the trip. In addition to comforting items, packing their favorite snacks can really come in handy if your child is a picky eater, ensuring they have something to eat in all situations. 

Advocate and Communicate
Taking proactive steps to inform airline staff, hotel personnel, family members, friends, or any other relevant individuals about your child’s specific needs and sensory sensitivities is essential. Also consider sharing your travel plans with your child’s autism therapists so they can implement strategies to help your child prepare and feel at ease for the journey ahead.

Keep in mind, every child is unique! Sensory needs can vary significantly, especially in new environments. Customizing your approach to suit their individual needs is essential. Have fun creating lasting memories while fostering your child’s growth and development!   

Little Spurs Autism Centers offers collaborative and compassionate ABA Therapy to children 0-21 years old. Offering both center-based and home-based care, LSAC is excited to empower families by providing them with the support they need. For more information, please email us at 

Article By: Breanna Kolts BT, Sarah Powell BCBA, LBA

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